Detect Mobile OS


Fix Mouse Lag (Latency) in Windows 10

Disable “Enable resampling scroll events” in Chrome config:


Chrome Cursor Latency Fix

Disable “Use hardware to accelerate…” in advanced setting page

FMAPP.exe Issue:

C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\FMAPP.exe
Rename it to FMAPP_bak.exe



Update audio driver for your motherboard.

To me is Gigabyte / Realtek:

Disable Flash in Chrome settings:

Update Intel HD Graphic Driver

Change to wired mouse (Final Solution)

Other Reference:

Laravel Filemanager


Notes for installation:

  1. Under 5.5 need to add service providers and then execute vender:publish commands.
  2. <script src=”/vendor/laravel-filemanager/js/lfm.js”></script>
    Javascript name in DOC is wrong.
  3. Remove “auth” middleware from /config/lfm.php if don’t need auth.
  4. If don’t use auth, override function in /vendor/…/Handlers/ConfigHandler to return static number. e.g. 1
  5. Make sure extension “mbstring” and “exif” is enabled in php.ini

To debug uploading process:


HTML Example:

Helper to get thumb:


php artisan vendor:publish

This command will copy config file or assets files from /vendor to /public/vendor

e.g. Laravel Filemanager

After add service providers in config/app.php, following commands will copy config and assets:


Submit form using Jquery Form Plugin (ajaxform)

Javascript Example:

Plugin Official Site:

Customize tinymce in Voyager

Add additional_js:

‘js/custom.js’ => ‘public/js/custom.js’

Add callback function in additional js:

Rename or copy plugin.min.js to plugin.js

TinyMCE will find plugin.js of each plugins in public\vendor\tcg\voyager\assets\js\plugins




  2. Remove doctype and html tags that generated by tinymce automatically: Remove fullpage plugin.