Windows Server Issue

The path issue might cause PHP crash on windows server. 

1.Use default relative path setting in connector.php

2.Change path settings with DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR

define("HOME_PATH", dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__))));

define("ADMIN_DIR", HOME_PATH . os_dir('/admin'));

function os_dir($s){
	return str_replace('/', SEP, $s);

3."URL" setting in connector.php must not include "http://" and domain name.

4. In some cases using SEP still don't work, keep original way using relative paths is the best way.

$opts = array(
	// 'debug' => true,
	'roots' => array(
			'driver'        => 'LocalFileSystem',   // driver for accessing file system (REQUIRED)
			'path'          => '../../../../../uploads/',         // path to files (REQUIRED)
			'URL'           => dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) . '/../uploads/', //URL to files (REQUIRED)
			'accessControl' => 'access'             // disable and hide dot starting files (OPTIONAL)