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DB Migration


Migration Class:


Static variable in a class


Rules to validate password


Disable Csrf Token

Modify this middleware: VerifyCsrfToken.php


Show last query


Join a sub query with group by statement

Find members that have the same password

More Advanced – Get minimum member ID from members that have same password:



jQuery Plugin Development Example


Example to build datalayer for Google Enhanced Ecommerce


Config Pixel Purchase in Google Tag Manager

  1. Install Pixel base
    Add this line to tell Tag Manager this tag is loaded.

    Image 4
  2. Get ready your advanced ecommerce datalayer of google
  3. Create a variable (Custom javascript) called “Transform Total for Pixel” to transform data from datalayer for pixel purchase event
  4. Create a new Tag – Purchase (Custom HTML)
    Image 2
    Image 3
  5. Config trigger (Recommended triggered by event instead of page view)
    Image 5