responsive file manager with laravel


Thumb folder creation issue on windows:

System will try to create thumb folders with relative path and will fail to detect if the folder exists or not in

    public static function createFolder($path = null, $path_thumbs = null, $ftp = null, $config = null)
        if ($ftp) {
            return $ftp->mkdir('/'.config('rfm.ftp_base_folder').'/'.$path) && $ftp->mkdir('/'.config('rfm.ftp_base_folder').'/'.$path_thumbs);
        } else {
            //This is key to prevent creation error
            $p_path = base_path($path);
            $p_path_thumbs = base_path($path_thumbs);
            if (file_exists($p_path) || file_exists($p_path_thumbs)) {
                return false;
            $oldumask = umask(0);
            $permission = 0755;
            if (isset($config['folderPermission'])) {
                $permission = $config['folderPermission'];
            if ($path && !file_exists($path)) {
                mkdir($path, $permission, true);
            } // or even 01777 so you get the sticky bit set
            if ($path_thumbs) {
                mkdir($path_thumbs, $permission, true) or die("$path_thumbs cannot be found");
            } // or even 01777 so you get the sticky bit set
            return true;


After selecting a file to upload, the status bar keep showing “processing” and nothing works.


Replace this line in dialog.php

<script src="//"></script>

with this one:

<script src="//"></script>