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Sticky (Fixed) Column of a table


Bootstrap Modal Issues


If the width of modal is too wide, check the following possible reasons:

  • If there is any long text string is not broken to new line.
  • Image width without max-width
  • iframe (e.g. embeded youtube video)

CSS Issues in iphone

如果不是RWD,Fixed Menu會沒辦法完整顯示

Solution: 用JS判斷window寬度,把fixed改成static




table-cell will cause weird padding of a td

In table, if the CSS value of “display” is “table-cell”, and a image within, there will be a weird padding under the image. Refer to the green lines:


Set the display value of the image to “block”:


body overflow issue

body overflow hidden, 要附加 -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch, 不然手機看會以為壞掉了,卡卡的

figure 不是取代 image tag,在這裡使用image就好