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Git pull show all files are modified and with a lot conflicts

  1. Change line ending config
  2. Change file mode:
  3. Clear cache


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Add existing folder in repo and track remote branch

Github solution



Track remote branch (RSA Key for bitbucket) with public key

把目前使用中,而且沒有git的資料夾track remote branch

  1. 連線的PC or server要有SSH Key, 並且把Public key的內容貼到Bitbucket的Repo設定裡 Step by step tutorial:
    1. ssh-keygen
    2. Press the Enter or Return key to accept the default location. (Or leave it empty)
    3. Enter and re-enter a passphrase when prompted.
    4. ls ~/.ssh id_rsa
    5. eval ssh-agent
    6. ssh-add ~/.ssh/<private_key_file>
    7. cat ~/.ssh/
    8. Paste public key to bitbucket
  2. Git commands to track remote branch
    1. git init
    2. git add .
    3. git commit -m ‘Init git’ (Current branch is master)
    4. git remote add origin [email protected]:/opt/git/project.gitReference or
    5. git fetch
    6. git branch -u origin/master

Fix “detached HEAD” error

Fix “refusing to merge unrelated histories” error:

  1. Force pull

  2. Fix conflicts maybe. Uploading files with conflicts by FTP could be the fastest solution.
  3. git add .
  4. commit
  5. Done

Note: 執行完上方command後,兩方client有不同步或是持續出現conflict的問題,重覆修正幾次之後就好了。原因不明。 Reference:

  2. Track Remote Branch
  3. Common commands related to remote

Git related commands


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