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Piwik e-commerce tracking in Shopify

Install Piwik Script

Normal Page:

Online Store -> Themes -> Edit HTML/CSS

Image 8

Image 9


Checkout Page (Checkout process is completed)

Settings -> Checkout -> Additional content and scripts:

Image 10



  1. Short codes to get order information:
  2. Piwik e-commerce tracking guide:
  3. Piwik – How to create a goal:
  4. Manually trigger goal:
  5. Shopify Checkout object (system variables):

Unexpected line break in on iOS

This is because of the phone number format and here is the solution:


Install OS X in VMWare

Full instructions:

  1. Have VMWare installed.
  2. Get .dmg file:
  3. Extract .dmg file width 7-Zip
  4. Convert .dmg to .iso: dmg2img.exe
  5. Unlock VMWare: VMware Unlocker
    Note: Execute as administrator, and stop all VMware related process and services.
  6. Create a new VM via the ISO file.