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Install Apache + PHP + MySQL Manually on Windows Server 2008

  1. Install Visual C++ Redistributable 2012
    VC version is very very very important! VC 2012 = VC11, Apache and PHP must be the same version VC11
  2. Install Apache: (win64)
  3. Edit httpd.conf
  4. Install service:
    httpd -k install -n “Apache 2.4”
  5. Install PHP
    If using laravel which require openssl_encrypt function, you must choose threat safe version:
  6. Edit php.ini
  7. Enable .htaccess in Apache:
    1. Set AllowOverride All for document directory.
    2. Enable rewrite module:
      LoadModule rewrite_module modules/


Create OpenSSL certificate

Most of this article is correct:


  1. Need to create both index.txt and index.txt.attr
  2. If keep getting “Invalid type in ‘policy’ configuration”, replace “policy = policy_match” with “policy = policy_anything”

Important commands: