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FTP in IIS 10


  1. 如果要設定虛擬目錄,從FTP根目錄指到別的資料夾,虛擬目錄的名稱要和實際資料夾的名稱一模一樣
  2. 所有目錄都要設定權限給FTP user

fopen filename can not be empty error (or not readable exception)

When uploading a file with Voyager, following errors happen:



Add IUSR to the folder which “upload_tmp_dir” points to. Normally “C:\Windows\Temp” in windows.


Notes to install PHP 7.2 and Laravel on windows server 2008 (SQL Server)

cd inetpub/laravel

comment “;extension=php_mysql.dll” in php.ini

Install url-rewrite module for IIS

Import rewrite rules:


install failed request tracing (Optional)


Change laravel structure:

Change path in public/index.php
require __DIR__.’/../../../../laravel/vendor/autoload.php’;
$app = require_once __DIR__.’/../../../../laravel/bootstrap/app.php’;

Add mofify permission for user “IUSR” to “D:\Inetpub\laravel\storage\framework\sessions”

Install Visual C++ 2017

SQL Server related:

Add this line in php.ini:


Change database configs in .env:

  • Change DB port to 1433

Upload Related Issue

If upload fails all the time (file not found exception), try create a folder for PHP to upload temp files. e.g. C:\phptmp

Revise php.ini as well: